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Argentina's annual output of 100,000 tons of premixing unit

Argentina's annual output of 100,000 tons of premixing unit

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Argentina's annual output of 100,000 tons of premixing unit

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The Argentine premix unit designed and constructed by Henan Hengfu can be used to produce high-end powdered animal feed and premix feed additives. The complete set of premix production line solutions include raw material storage, batching, mixing, conveying and fully automatic packaging. The solution meets the customer's demand for a single production line of 1-45 tons per hour, and provides turnkey engineering services. Hengfu not only provides customers with premix processing equipment and processes, but also provides customers with a full set of personalized services to help feed factories operate in the most economical way, so as to obtain higher cost performance and strong competitiveness. The solution of Hengfu premix production line has the following unique advantages: 1. The high-precision micro-component batching system can ensure the accuracy of the batching and metering of various trace elements. Various trace elements and drugs can be added to improve the disease prevention and resistance of animals; the trace element batching system can be accurate to gram when working ; 2. Specially equipped with efficient mixing technology, fast mixing speed, high uniformity, low residual rate, CV≤5%, to ensure mixing accuracy; 3. It can be equipped with a unique blowing device to minimize material residues; 4. Professional premix production. The mixer adopts a large and one small process configuration. According to the premix varieties, it is recommended to arrange production reasonably to reduce energy consumption and waste and reduce production costs; 5. The carrier adopts a dedicated batching warehouse to strictly prevent cross-contamination in the batching process; 6. Use positive pressure pneumatic conveying after ingredients, abandon the traditional mechanical conveying method, greatly reduce residues, refuse cross-contamination, and achieve clean, hygienic and safe conveying effects; 7. Reasonable and effective dust removal system. All inlets and outlets are equipped with centralized dust removal pulses to reduce dust pollution and strictly control dust below national standards. Henan Hengfu premix production line solutions have been widely used in major domestic groups. Welcome to consult.

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