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Product Introduction


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Product Introduction
Scope of application: TGSS series buried scraper conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment that continuously conveys bulk materials in a closed rectangular section shell by means of a moving scraper chain. It is mainly used for conveying powder granular and small pieces. materials. It can be widely used in the horizontal conveying of bulk materials in feed mills flour mills rice mills oil mills starch mills grain depots and port terminals of various sizes.
Working principle: When the motor is energized the drive wheel is driven by the reducer and the sprocket chain and the drive wheel drives the scraper chain; the material is pushed by the scraper chain in the direction of movement so that the internal friction between the materials is sufficient to overcome the material and the groove wall The friction resistance of the material can be conveyed in a continuous flow and the material entering from the feed port is scraped along the conveying groove to the discharge port for discharge.
Product advantages
1. The shaft end is sealed with high-quality packing to ensure no leakage.
2. New patented anti-blocking mechanism flexible action safe and reliable and good sealing performance.
3. There is a movable body at the tail to minimize residue; a flexible scraper and a return cup are set on the chain to minimize the material residue on the head of the conveyor.
4. Fully assembled structure design easy to disassemble and replace.
5. The classic model has passed the EU CE safety certification and is widely used in the horizontal transportation of materials and small particles in industries such as feed chemical industry grain depots port terminals malt and oil.

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