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poultry feed mill are mainly suitable for the middle and small scale feed factory pellet feed making and may use in the mechanization raising chickens duck pigs and various poultries farm feed produce. Also can used for aquatic feed making such as fish shrimp and so on.

1.Die and Roller of Poultry Feed Pellet Equipment have long service life. 

2.Main drive adopts high accurate gear drive with higher efficiency steady running and low noise. 

3.Stainless steel conditioner extends the conditioning and cooking time. Axial steam spraying port improving feed cooking efficiency. 

4. Poultry Feed Pellet Equipment is fitted with deironing and overload protection device and protection on the machine is fully considered during the operation. 

5.High precision gear dribing is adopted resulting in high driving efficiency and stable working. 

6.The imported bearing and oil seal are used for key positions of drive of the machine so that the machine has long service life and low noise. 

7. Poultry Feed Pellet Equipment can be fitted with single-layer multiple -layer jacket conditioners or double-shaft differential conditioner so as to meet the different requrements of producing high grade livestock and poultry feed and aquafeed.

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