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Hengfu ruminant feed production equipment is suitable for the production of feed for ruminants such as cattle feed and sheep feed. Common domestic ruminant feed materials: corn, soybean meal, bran, fish meal, calcium phosphate, salt, additives, etc. In view of the characteristics of these raw materials, Hengfu Machinery's ruminant feed production line mainly includes a raw material receiving and cleaning system, a crushing system, a batching and mixing system, a pelletizing system, a finished product packaging system and palletizing.
  • TCQY primary cleaning screen

  • SCQZ powder cleaning screen

  • TCXT Permanent magnet cylinder

  • SFSP hammer mill

  • 9FQ feed grinder

  • SSLG Roller crumbler

  • Drum type additive mixer

  • SLHY feed mixer

  • SSHJ paddle mixer

  • SZLH pellet mill

  • Animal feed extruder

  • TDTG bucket elevator

  • TGSS Scraper conveyor

  • SKLN series countercurrent cool

  • SFJH Rotary classification scre

  • Assembly silo

  • Steel silo

  • Pulse dust collector

  • Electric control cabinet

  • Automatic packaging machine

  • Clean
  • Grinder
  • Mixer
  • Granulation
  • Delivery
  • Sieving
  • Warehouse
  • Dust removal
  • Electric control
Hengfu feed processing equipment output range
Henan Hengfu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can provide feed processing production lines with an annual output of 60,000 to 1 million tons of poultry feed, pig feed, ruminant feed, etc. for you to choose, and can also make other sets of feed processing equipment according to the actual needs of customers.
Hengfu complete set of ruminant feed processing equipment is suitable for the production of ruminant animal feed such as cattle and sheep; the raw material receiving process adopts advanced dust removal and impurity removal equipment such as pulse bag filter, Shakelong, cylindrical primary cleaning screen, and vibrating cleaning screen; The crushing process adopts an advanced drop-shaped hammer mill with high crushing efficiency; the mixing process uses an advanced paddle mixer, which has high mixing efficiency and less residue, which can effectively prevent cross-contamination; the granulation process uses Hengfu SZLH series ring die particles Feed machine, the particle diameter can be adjusted quickly; the finished product packaging process can be equipped with LOP intelligent palletizing robot according to the actual needs of customers, saving labor, convenient and efficient. 

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